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iPod/iPhone Dock Extension Cable 90 cm

iPod/iPhone Dock Extension Cable 90cm

This extension cable for the iPod/iPhone docking connector is 90cm (3 feet) long and works for most applications and works together with our charge converters. An extension cable can be especially useful in the following cases:

  • An iPod/iPhone/iPad connection cable is not long enough for your application (e.g. the one shipped with Solisto.Extra und Solisto.Pro).
  • The holder of a sounddock or a cradle doesn't fit to the size of a current iPod/iPhone/iPad.
  • The docking connector of an accessory is located where it is uncomfortable to reach.

Naturally, the extension cable is compatible to our Solisto products and the charge converter.

This cable wires signals for:

  • Audio L/R out
  • Composite Video
  • All USB signals
  • FW Power for charging
  • Accessory detect
  • Serial Rx/Tx
  • Remote sense

Note that this is just an extension cable. That a function is listed above doesn't mean the cable provides that service, only that it supports an accessory that can support it.

Scope of delivery
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad Extension Cable