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Compatibility Charge Functionality iPhone 3G, iPod Nano 4G, iPod Touch 2G

Dienstag, Juni 2, 2009 

With the rather new models iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2nd generation, iPod Nano 4th generation, Apple stopped the support for the 12V charger interface which was always the method of choice for automotive audio interfaces and actually for many devices for home use as well. While the general functionality of Solisto.Extra and Solisto.Pro was unproblematic, the listed devices could not be re-charged.

Solisto is one of the first producers of car audio interfaces that offers charging support for iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2nd generation, iPod Nano 4th generation. Since June 1 2009 all Solisto.Extra and Solisto.Pro are shipped with full charging support for both the old and new iPod and iPhone models.

Owners of older Solisto.Extra or Solisto.Pro have two possibilities to get charging support for the new Apple devices:

  • Get a so-called "charge converter". That is a small adapter plug that is put onto the existing Solisto-iPod-connection cable. We offer such an adapter (an extra slim one) in our shop at 25.99 Euro including VAT, but you might find other suppliers. This solution makes sense in case you have multiple devices that cannot charge your iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2nd generation or iPod Nano 4th generation.
  • Send us your Solisto for an upgrade. We'll modify your Solisto.Extra or Solisto.Pro and exchange the iPod cable for 14.99 Euro including 19% German VAT plus shipping costs that depend on your country of residence. Outside the EU you won't have to pay VAT. Prepayment only. Please ship the Solisto and the Solisto-iPod-connection cable to the address stated in our Imprint and add a note stating that you want the update and to which address we shall ship the upgraded Solisto.